Accepted Workshop

** Updated on 31 Jun 2017

Accepted Workshop Proposals

No. Workshop Title Contact Person Organization
1 Universal Acceptance : An Elixir to Inclusive and Multilingual Internet Harish Chowdhary National Internet Exchange of India
4 Access to rights online: Digital gap for disenfranchised and marginalized communities Tan Sze Ming Sinar Project
22 Hack to fight online violence Raja Mohsin Saleem Media Matters for Democracy
25 Supporting National Computer Emergency Response Teams for Improving Cyber Security Adli Wahid APNIC
27 Evolving an Open e-Governance Index for Networked Societies Liza Garcia Foundation for Media Alternatives
28 AP* Community Update Maureen Hilyard AP*, ALAC, APRALO
29 Cyber Security Incident Role Play Adli Wahid APNIC
35 Developing a Diverse and Inclusive Internet Through Internationalized Domain Names Joyce Chen ICANN
36 Inclusive and multilateral approach to protect the youth online; a priori and posteriori solutions from Asia-Pacific Akari Noguchi Yahoo Japan Corporation
37 Detecting and removing child sexual abuse material. How is APAC doing? Marie-laure Lemineur ECPAT International
38 “Cry for help!” – Rapidly Reconnecting the Disconnected in Disasters Kanchana Kanchanasut Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology
41 Youth-driven Internet Governance related Initiatives NG Ki Chun, David NetMission.Asia
48 Enable Innovation and Trust in Internet Economy: Toward an Interoperable Online Authentication and Identification Infrastructure Wei-Chung Hwang Industrial Technology Research Institute
57 Connecting the Unconnected in Developing Asia for a Sustainable Digital Economy Joyce Chen ICANN
63 Surveillance from a Feminist Perspective Nighat Dad Digital Rights Foundation
67 Towards Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific: Access to Knowledge in the Marketplace Vidushi Marda The Centre for Internet and Society
74 Community networks and public access to ICT Winston Roberts IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
75 Unshackling Expression: A pathway to decriminalise the internet Gayatri Khandhadai Association for Progressive Communications
80 Algorithmic Transparency: Understanding why we are profiled in a certain manner. Prasanth Sugathan
81 Blockchain: Do we need killer applications before the realization of decentralized internet governance? Wei-Chung Hwang Industrial Technology Research Institute
83 Upgrade Required: Obfuscation and cryptographic standards for data protection law in the age of linked and big data Arthit Suriyawongkul Thai Netizen Network
93 The whole truth: Bringing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights into perspective Gayatri Khandhadai Association for Progressive Communications
94 Engaging with the #KeepItOn Movement: Fighting Internet Shutdowns Raman Jit Singh Chima Access Now
97 Trends in Cybercrime Law: Common legislative developments – and concerns – in the region Ananta Sharma Access Now
98 Examining MLAT Alternatives for Asian Economies (Withdrawn) Madhulika Srikumar Observer Research Foundation

Mergers of Workshop Proposals

Listed together with the original proposals.

Merger 1. Publicness and the Right to be Forgotten: the Debates Begin
61 Publicness and the Right to be Forgotten Kelly Kim Open Net Korea
40 The Right to Be Forgotten: The Debate Begins Across Asia Oliver Xavier Reyes American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative
Merger 2. Understanding Solutions towards Online Harassment
77 Online Harassment, Solutions and Challenges Nighat Dad Digital Rights Foundation
92 Understanding Content Moderation Practices of Online Speech Platforms to Tackle Online Harassment Prasanth Sugathan
Merger 3. National policies and Industry strategies on IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region
39 IPv6 Deployment: Best Practices by Governments in Asia-Pacific Naveed Ul Haq Internet Society
70 Further work on IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region: Mobile and IoT Izumi Okutani Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Merger 4. Trade Rules for the Digital Economy: Asia’s Agreements at the WTO and RCEP
34 Asia’s Digital Trade Rules at the WTO and RCEP Jeremy Malcolm Electronic Frontier Foundation
46 Towards a Trade Agreement for the Digital Economy Ang Peng Hwa Nanyang Technological University
Merger 5. Taking Internet Governance to Communities in Asia Pacific: Need for a Sustainable and Collaborative Approach
14 Taking Internet Governance to Communities in Asia-Pacifc: Need for a Collaborative Approach Satish Babu APRALO
44 For the Community, By the Community: Sustaining Conversations for Internet Governance Joyce Chen ICANN


Other Sessions